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August 12, 2012

CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 August 12

CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 [EU]
-Working 12.08.2012-

Now whitout password arhive! :P Enjoy

Get your free   CrossFire Europe Hack and kill your enemy
We just released the latest Crossfire Hack to members. Keep checking the website and watch for the release. The new Crossfire Hack has everything from chams to ESP and even a new aimbot coming online soon. Want to rank up fast and unlock everything Crossfire has to offer? Then sign up now and become a VIP

Last Update:   12.08.2012(August)

Windows XP 32 Bit: Working

Windows XP 64 Bit: Working 
Windows Vista 32 Bit: Working

Windows Vista 64 Bit: Working

Windows 7 32 Bit: Working
Windows 7 64 Bit: Working

Hack Compatible:

CrossFire EUROPE

 CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 August [EU].rar UPDATED: 12.08.2012(August) 
               (6.51 MB, 1897 Downloads)


If you want ,you can see virus scan for this file.

CrossFire Europe Hack 2012  August


V 4 Features:

+++ CrossFire Aimbot ++
Mutation Mode
Auto Target Switch
Visible Check
Protection Check
Display Target
Trigger Bot
Remote Kill (currently disabled due to an unsolved bug)
++CrossFire  Teleport++

++++ CrossFire ESP ++++

ESP Name
ESP Weapon
ESP Bone
ESP Line
+CrossFire Weapon Hacks+

No Spread
No Recoil
No Weapon Weight
No Sniper Scope Overlay
No Hit Penalty
Fast Reload
Fast Weapon Change
Supreme Range
Full Wallbang Damage
Weapon Damage Hack
Grenade Damage Hack
Shotgun Spread
Knife Speed
Knife Range
Roundhouse (360°) Knife
+CrossFire Memory Hacks+

No Flash
No Smoke (currently disabled)
No Fall Damage
No Glitch Damage
Disable Chat Block
Show Ghosts
Shoot Through Walls
Master Ghost
Auto Mutant HP Refill
Fast Bomb Defuse
Distant Bomb Defuse
Disable Cussword Filter
++CrossFire  D3D Hacks++

Light Chams
Texture Chams
Overlay Chams
Ghost Chams
Phantom Chams
Glass Walls
CrossFire  SpeedHack

CrossFire  Walk Through Wall

CrossFire  Super Jump

CrossFire  Fly Hack 

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