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May 1, 2012

CrossFire Europe Cheat 2012 Hack + No Lag + Menu(Working May)

CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 May + No Lag + Menu

Last Update:    02 .05.2012 (May)

Windows XP 32 Bit: Working
Windows XP 64 Bit: Working
Windows Vista 32 Bit: Working
Windows Vista 64 Bit: Working
Windows 7 32 Bit: Working
Windows 7 64 Bit: Working

Fully tested by me last on:   02 .05.2012 (May)

Hack Compatible:

CrossFire Europe

Hack Download:

      CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 May + Menu.rar UPDATED 02 May 2012

 (5.1 Mb, 826 Downloads)


Hello everyone and welcome to latest update of CrossFire Europe Hack.

This new version of Crossfire Europe Cheat is fixed totaly.

We fix the lag caused by latest version of CrossFire Hack Europe and we add a Menu wich can be easly used by anyone.

Enjoy our new CrossFire Hack and dominate the game.

Menu Features

CrossFire  Weapon Hacks

No Spread
No Recoil
No Weapon Weight
No Sniper Scope Overlay
No Hit Penalty
Fast Reload
Fast Weapon Change
Supreme Range
Full Wallbang Damage
Weapon Damage Hack
Grenade Damage Hack
Shotgun Spread
Knife Speed
Knife Range

CrossFire  Memory Hacks
No Flash
No Smoke (currently disabled)
No Fall Damage
No Glitch Damage
Show Ghosts
Master Ghost
Auto Mutant HP Refill
Fast Bomb Defuse
Distant Bomb Defuse
Disable Cussword Filter

CrossFire  D3D Hacks
Light Chams
Texture Chams
Overlay Chams
Ghost Chams
Glass Walls

CrossFire  SpeedHack


My score is so "low"(First Place) because i have joined in Round 8 :))


1. Download  CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 May + Menu
2. Unpack the arhive  CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 May + Menu
3. Put the Crossfire Hack in Crossfire EU folder
4. Start the
 Crossfire Cheat (Win 7 > As Admin)
5.Start the cf_patcher
6.Login and join to a Channel
7.The Menu will appear and your free to choose what you want.


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