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March 19, 2012

CrossFire Europe Hack 2012 v3 [EU] Working after patch

Working after patch

Get your free   CrossFire Europe Hack and kill your enemy
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Last Update:  22.03.2012
Working after Patch!

Windows XP 32 Bit: Working

Windows XP 64 Bit: Working 
Windows Vista 32 Bit: Working

Windows Vista 64 Bit: Working

Windows 7 32 Bit: Working
Windows 7 64 Bit: Working

Fully tested by me last on: 22.03.2012

CrossFire Europe Hack V3 2012

Hack Compatible:

CrossFire EU
For me its very useful on Biohazard,Zombie Mode,Ghost Mode ,Hero Mode.

V 3 Features:

ESP Health
ESP Name
No Recoil
No Spread
No Weapon Weight
No Granade Damage
No Fall Damage
No Scope Overley
No Zoom
No Change Delay
No Knock Back
No Flash
No Relaod
No Bug Damage
No Zone Damage
See Ghost
Fast Knife
Long Knife
Max Range
Shotgun Spread
Snake Speed
Crunch Speed
c4 Fast plant
c4 Fast Defuse

Zombie One Hit kill



1. Download CrossFire Pro Euro Hack v3
2. Unpack the arhive
3. Put the Loader in CF EU folder
4. Start the Loader (Win 7 > Als Admin)
5. Click on Activate
6. Leave the loader On(don't close it)
7.Then start the cf_patcher

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