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February 14, 2012

CrossFire Hack Pro 2012 - V.10

              CrossFire Hack Pro 2012 - V.10

Last Update: 13.02.2012

Hack Compatible:

CrossFire NA 

V 9.1 Features: (Hotkey Version + NO LAG AT ALL)

1. NoRecoil (100% Perfect)
2. NoSpread (100% Perfect)

3. No Weapon Weight

4. No Change Delay

5. No Grenade Damage

6. No Fall Damage

7. C4 Bomb Fast Plant

8. C4 Bomb Fast Defuse
9. SeeGhosts (Removed the fastes speed of ghosts)
10. No Sniper Zoom (Only For m700)
11. Sniper CrossHair
12. Fast Knife (Made it Slower "NoErrors" + For Main Knife Only)
13. See Enemy Names (Related to shootThroughWalls as when u point to the wall u will see the enemy name in Red)
14. OHK Sniper (Works on all Snipers 75%,Only for m700)
15. Shotgun spread 
16.Max Range (Fixed 100%)
17. Gatling Spread (When u are spraying with the gatling gun u Will Move Fast....U wont move Slow ALSO FIXED!)
18. Pistol Spread (When u shoot with the pistol, you will shoot faster!)

19. NoReload (F10 ON/OFF)

20. Crouch Speed (F9 ON/OFF)

21. ShootThroughWalls (F8 ON/OFF)

Weapon Hack

M16 > M4Crysta; (Many People Requested)

M4A1 > M4A1 Gold

USP >Removed due to client errors

M700 > Removed due to client errors


1.Download The CrossFire NA Pro Hack 2012
2.Extract the arhive content in the CrossFire NA Folder
3.Run the Patcher_CF and the hack will be automaticaly infected.


msvcr100d.dll (Put it in CrossFire NA folder) -> msvcr100d.dll free download -
NetFrameWork 3.5 -> 
Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
Direct x 9.0 - >Download DirectX 9.0c (full package) - the latest version of Direct X

CrossFire Hack 2012

Hack Download:

 CrossFire Hack Pro 2012 - V.10.rar (5.03 MB, 2439 Downloads)


 CrossFire Hack Pro 2012 - V.10.rar  (0 / 43)

Atention! This Hack working only for CrossFire NA

CrossFire NA Hack 2012

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